Tales from the North

My sweeties, Marc and Muchacho, and I spent a week in the Great North of Michigan, and a recharging time away was had by all. We played in the lake and in the sand. Lots of ball chasing was involved for the furry one, and he went tubing for the first time.

I cannot pretend it healed our hearts in terms of a world gone mad. Or that just because I feel somewhat reinvigorated that I can now move on and pretend our nation and the world don’t have an enormous amount of work and healing to do. But I can return to my art, to sharing beauty and a love of nature with you all.

Sometimes art is the only thing that makes sense to me. As I’ve said before: Where there is art, there is nothing else; it’s the place that exists beyond the madness. Art and love — and kindness, please. The light in me acknowledges the light in you, and wishes your heart healing, and wishes you all the best of all good things.

Puppy chasing the ball, endlessly. Really, without end …

My guys

Cloud reflections that inspire.

A sleepy boy after all that ball time.


More inspiring reflections …

Proud puppy, every time! That energy, that enthusiasm!

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