Summertime, and the Freedom to Play

Beachside. These trees stole my attention.

It’s summer, and it’s go time. Okay, the calendar still has a week or so to go — but for us Michiganders, it’s game on!

I’ve been nesting, settling in to our new cottage on Little Traverse Lake. That’s right: After years of wanting to have a little slice of paradise to call our own, we made the plunge. We took possession on May 9, but until recently, time to settle in has been sparse.

The cottage came furnished, and the previous owners had made it so cute. But it’s ours now, so a personal stamp is necessary. And it’s been fun, if a long way from complete.

I’ve been in love with Northern Michigan for as long as I can remember. But it’s different now. Now I’m “localish,” I’m invested. I’ve walked the beach with a trash bag to pick up litter. And, even better, I have time to explore.

But no road maps included — not a chance that I’m giving up my best discoveries. Some places must be left to stumble upon, to discover on your own by taking that dirt road to who knows where, and then hiking on to who knows where. That’s the magic, and in Leelanau, there is plenty to go around.

While my attention has been hijacked by the new and beloved cottage. I’m more inspired than ever. Between house projects, me and my trusty studio assistant, a.k.a. favorite fur baby, steal off to paint new places, while finding comfort in returning to favorite haunts.

Puppy’s digging the new digs.

Tonight I’m on my deck, with a cheap pad of watercolor paper I bought by accident. Finding unexpected freedom in knowing the paper has barely cost a thing. This freedom let’s you play. (Cottages, after all, are for play are they not?) I’m thinking about the colors of the lake. Lake Michigan is aqua, and turquoise and ultramarine blue in the north. Colors that are saturating my thoughts.

Play time on the deck. Dreaming of the colors of Lake Michigan!

It’s got me thinking about summer camp. (Summer camp was the best, wasn’t it? And it always involved art!) So, stay tuned for more on Summer Camp, and how you can join me there! Creativity is for everyone Summer Camp — starting July 1. Mark your calendar. I’ll be posting more details here, and on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll see you there, where the very best conversations happen!

Also on my mind … skies!

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