A Magical, Magnificent Turn of Seasons

The world smells like honeysuckle. Bright green springing from the earth, and little delights everywhere you look — like wild columbine in bloom and as slowly fading trillium.

The seasons are magical, each in their own way; the variation inspires and delights. Hiking in the Sleeping Bear Dunes this morning, I took in the shades of blue and aqua, mesmerized. I watched the waves as they rolled onto the sand, then moved back into the majesty of Lake Michigan. A rhythmic swaying: sometimes gentle, sometimes with a crash. It’s all why this is one of the most beautiful, special places on earth. It’s the inspiration for my work.

My artist’s assistant and favorite fur baby, Muchacho Libre, is insistent on these daily hikes in Mother Nature, and I’m better for it. These hikes are not separate from my art: They are where the art is born, the inspiration. It all comes out on the canvas in some form or another.

Mother Nature is by far the greatest teacher there is; one only has to slow down and listen to her. I’m so grateful for all she has taught me, as I let her wash over my soul.

Welcome to a new season, my friends: It’s early summer in Michigan, and it’s magnificent!

How will you all be enjoying the great outdoors and reveling in this summer and seeking inspiration? I’d love to hear from you in the comments and on Facebook and Instagram. Join the conversation!

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