Is Creativity for Everyone?

Some of the supplies you could use for Creativity is for Everyone Summer Camp.

As my own walk with creativity deepens, it is increasingly clear to me that yes, creativity is for everyone.
It is teachable, and like any muscle, it grows. Talent can be taught, but like any skill, it requires practice. It is in that spirit that next week, I’ll be kicking off Creativity is for Everyone Summer Camp. Each week throughout July, we will be going over a skill to tune into your own creativity. No experience necessary — just curiosity and playfulness!
As with any summer camp, you will need a love of nature and being outside. You’ll need a bit of time — as much or little as you can spare is fine — and a few supplies. (All supplies are optional, as you can use what you have available.)

Simple notebook to use in Week #1. Available at most grocery stores.

Recommended supplies include:
– A simple notebook or composition book.
– Pen and pencils.
– Sketch book. (I like Strathmore toned gray or tan paper, or your notebook can be used for this.)

– White gouache, or any white paint.
– Paint if you have it — any paint at all.  (Crayons or colored pencils also will do. Anything to make marks on paper or canvas.)
– Watercolor paper (at least 140lb.) and/or canvas.
So now that you have a supply list, all you need is a sense of adventure and willingness to get outside and get creative. For Week #1, you will only need a notebook and a pen or pencil. Next Monday, July 3, we will be kicking off this summer camp adventure, right here on the blog, and I hope you’ll join me!
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    Looking forward to the challenge

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