Introducing … Project 24

To make you look at things in a different light. To reveal what’s beyond the visible and enter the spirit of a place. Going right to that feeling you get when you’re in a sacred space of beauty. This is my job as an artist, and it’s the premise behind my latest project: visiting all 24 wineries of the Leelanau Peninsula and creating art that represents the spirit of each place.

As an American landscape painter, recording the landscape and begging viewers to look at it differently in an effort to honor the land ties back to the role artists played in the founding of the national parks. And it’s a tradition I’m honored to take part in.

The Leelanau Peninsula is truly a “heart place” to many, including myself, and it is with the deepest love of the land that I set out on this journey.

This is a landscape that needs to be seen, a beauty in our own backyards that is rivaled by none.

I hope you will come with me along the way and enjoy this land and its people with me!



  1. Rita May 22, 2015 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    Looking forward to following this.

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