Home is Where the Art Is: Part 2

A continuation of the tour of my personal collection …

Two Project 24 pieces that will be hard for me to give up!

An abstract with metal from 2010.

A recent Lake Michigan series piece that my husband claimed for his own. I’ve been expressly forbidden to sell it.

From my 2010 Song and Dance series. It’s one I can’t part with.

More Song and Dance. This one is special to me for a few reasons, but one is that I’ve taken lessons for years on the djembe!

Two more from my 2010 abstract and metal period.

I love art in surprising places, like over a window. This piece is from my Venice Series of 2008.

From my painted photo collection. Now, they bring me happiness in my kitchen.

Two nudes from my studies in Florence. Life drawing teaches you more than any other discipline I can think of. It’s hugely important to the evolution of the artist.

A very old painting from life. One of my firsts from around 2005.

Thank you so much for joining me on this tour of my personal collection! I hope you’ve enjoyed!

 Credit for framing goes to Gallery 293; design help came from a very dear and talented friend!

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