Home is Where the Art Is: Part 1

My husband Marc and I recently had our house renovated, so I thought it would be a fun time to show you some of my art — spanning various genres — as it appears in my home. Come inside and take a virtual tour!

From my Flamenco series. After falling in love with the performance in Spain, I couldn’t stop painting these dancing girls for a spell!

A favorite of my studies from life drawing.

Having studied art in Mexico and spent a ton of time there through the years, Latin dance is near and dear to my heart!

From my black and white drawing series: the gorgeous African bulls!

The painting in the middle is a stunner by Miguel Gomez, but the abstracts on either side are by yours truly. I think they play a nice supporting role to the star in the center.

From the other side.

This photo was taken in 2000, on a month long excursion of India. It’s one of the only pieces from my era as a photographer that will always be near and dear to my heart.

Project 24 painting of Longview Winery, temporarily bringing me joy!

To be continued …

Credit for framing goes to Gallery 293; design help came from a very dear and talented friend!

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