Gallery: Venice


“I’ve been in love with Venice since the moment I stepped off the ferry for the first time — at the young age of 22 — onto the island lagoon of enchantment. Venice has a way of being so visually powerful, with its grand architecture cascading through the city like the lace made in nearby Burano. It’s a strong imagery while being misty and faded at the same time … like a London night, or a Turner painting.

“This love affair has only grown over the years. Several years ago on a vacation in Italy, my husband proposed to me, sealing the fate of my connection to this beautiful country. On that trip, we spent a lot of time in the enchanting city of Venice, and when I arrived home, I couldn’t stop painting it. This is my version of a love letter to a city that has inspired, transfixed and mesmerized me for almost two decades.”

To view more of Stephanie’s “Venice” gallery, click here.

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